How I did the curly hairstyle for the prom

The prom is one of the most important events during high school, as it allows students to connect with each other, talk, dance and just socialize for a night. However, if you want to stand out during the prom then you do need to come up with a very unique hair style that not only catches the attention of everyone at the event. If you have a curly hair then things can get a little more difficult than you might expect, this is why we are going to create a list of curly hairstyles for prom that will help you in this regard.

One of the major curly hairstyles for prom is the Pin Curled Princess. This particular look successfully works with just about any type of prom dress, and it’s fairly easy to make too. First of all you have to start with the dry hair parted to the side, secure hair in the back and then spray each section with a light holding spray. Once that is done you will need to curl each section using an 1 inch iron, clip the pin curl and allow it to stay like that for at least 30 minutes, ideally a couple of hours. After that remove the pin curls and spray everything.

The Tousled Topsider is also a popular prom hairstyle that works perfectly with natural curly hair. What makes it great is that it stands up and out of your face, which is great especially if you want to talk with others a lot.

The Big Sexy Blowout is great for those of us that have a lot of movement and volume. Adding this hairstyle to a gorgeous dress will surely make you stand out during the prom night, and combining it with some good make-up is surely the icing on the cake.

Seductive Soft Waves can also turn a lot of heads, even it’s more on the casual side of things. This is why it’s recommended to use this style with some great accessories that will spice up your look, making you feel more impressive than always.

You can also go with a Messy Curl Maven, as this style does have its charm as well. It’s mainly suitable for those girls that have a lot of hair volume and which want to define the curls a lot easier.

Going with a Vintage Vixen look is great if you are looking for an older style approach that will make you stand out. After all, at the prom most girls will try to look as modern as possible, so by using this style you can surely shine and be different at the same time.

The Simple Stunner basically requires you to stretch you curls a lot and make them twist on the side. This brings a spectacular look that will surely turn heads.

In the end, there are numerous curly hairstyles for prom, so it’s important to make sure that you choose the one you like. Complement a simpler style with make-up and accessories and in the end you will have the most impressive look at the prom, something that the other girls will surely admire.

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