Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you might think that you have been cursed with frizzy and unruly hair. However, you are actually really blessed as long as you learn how to tame your curls and keep them from spiraling out of control. The trick to unlocking the beauty of your curls is all about the cut and care of your curly hair. Here are some hairstyles for curly hair and a few hair-care tips that will make a world of difference.

Layered and Long

It is no secret that curly hair often looks best at shoulder length or longer. The trick to making this type of hairstyle more appealing is all in the layers. A layered look will keep your curls from looking boxy and will help to frame your face. The trick to the layered curly hairstyle involves having layers that begin at your chin and angle downward at the base of your head. Be sure that you only try this hairstyle with longer curly locks, because a layered short cut will look too poufy. Layers are highly stylish and can be the perfect way to update your long curly tresses.

Short and Chic

It is true that curly hair is not normally ideal for short styles, but there is one that is extremely flattering even with short hair. It is possible to crop your curly locks if you are feeling bold and daring. This type of short curly hairstyle involves leaving about 2 inches of length on the top of your head and cutting the rest of your hair to mirror the shape of your head. This look will exude self-confidence and be perfect for the hot summer months.

Shampoo and Curls

Managing curly hair is all about learning what works best to tame your curls. The fact is that washing curly hair only often will only make your hair frizzier and more difficult to tame. If you have really fine hair try going at least 3 days a week without washing it, but thick hair only requires about 2 washes each week. Lay off the shampoo at all costs and you will be able to maintain healthy and shiny curls.

Moisture Matters

The trick to keeping frizz at bay is all in locking in the moisture. You need to moisturize your curly hair after each wash and also find the perfect leave-in moisturizer. Shampoo should be used discreetly, but don’t be afraid to pour on the conditioner.

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